ORIGIN STORIES ™ Ecstatic Dance


Origin Stories is a movement, breathwork and sound based practice that invites us to the deepest and most primordial structures in ourselves through toning, movement, dance, postures, evocative music and breathwork. Guided by Dawn Dancing Otter these experiences are profoundly healing, as well as delightfully playful. We invite every body to join us, regardless of movement limitations. You need no previous experience, only a willingness to be present and breathe together

Origin Stories: Dancing The 8 Directions Medicine Wheel

Wednesdays 6:45-8:15pm

Starlit Yoga, 102-100 Nanaimo Ave E., Penticton BC

2018, TBA

Drop in $22

Origin Stories™ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training

2018 Dates TBA-  Banff AB