Personalized Handmade Medicine Bags by ddo

Medicine bags are for the purpose of carrying your sacred objects, such as stones, runes, flower essences, sage/tobacco/sweetgrass, your sacred medicine. Each bag is designed to hang around your neck and sit in front of your heart...or simply carried along with your other sacred objects. Bags are usually 4"X6". You will be asked to measure the full length of the strap from your heart, around your neck, then back to your heart. You can request a longer strap, or forgoe the strap if you prefer. Closures for the bags are also of many options - I can do a button, a loop weaved through the bag to cinch closed, a tie closure...many possibilities.

Each bag is 100% original. All the photos of the bags in the gallery are sold. You must order your bag from scratch, and I can manage most designs...but be aware, fibre art is like nature. We can guide it, but it is ultimately wild, so therefore not 100% tameable (a perfect metaphor for Shamanic practice).The final product will never look like a photocopy, a photograph, or like it was drawn with a pencil and ruler. It will come out like a needle felted artpiece. Each piece can take up to 25 hours of construction time, depending on detail.

I do a ceremony with each medicine bag to bless it, smudge it, calling ancestors, the directions, and Creator/Pachamama energy to infuse the bag with intention to its sacred purpose.

Because this is ART, each design is subject to my interpretations. I will always photograph the final product for your approval prior to shipping.

The Medicine Bags in this gallery are examples of a few of the possibilities available, which are limited only by the bounds of your imagination, scale, and artistic interpretation. They are strongly constructed, made of 100% merino wool, hand needle felted with cotton lining and felted strap .
Please contact me at to arrange to order and purchase a bag. Turnaround is 3-4 weeks, not including shipping time. Costs vary based on your design request. Budget between $150-200 based on journey, design, closures, and strap. Once you have requested your particular design, I will send you a quote.

Each bag is 4"X6" . (FYI The Leaf/Feather Satchel pictured is designed to fit an ipad, but I have pictured it here more for design ideas, I am not offering that size for purchase)