What if….

What if we are perfect...

Each moment that I am in this reality emerges and dissolves. It is quite beyond words. What I am aware of, to sum it all up, is that it is PERFECT. I am PERFECT. We are PERFECT just the way we are.

If disbelief could be suspended for a moment, we would find that the nuance of our existence as individuals is so precise, so extraordinarily balanced that it has never existed before now, nor will it exist again. In one minute, you will, again, be renewed, again shifted, again reborn – new cells, new thoughts, new feelings, each breath is utterly specific. The same sun that shines on my body shines on your body – but it is also an utterly nuanced experience.

This speaks to me of the possibilities for the essence of creation to move through us...shifting the balance of creative tension to whirl in an infinite dance.

That I would think that I am not perfect...that you are not perfect – this drives the compulsion to consume – to need to draw something to myself which I am ‘not’.

The truth is – I am a microcosm of Creator‘s Macrocosm– created in perfection. It is not possible for me to be less than that. As a creative microcosm, I created the idea that I am something other. As the soul will not invest itself in the notion of compromise – I lose touch with my soul, with the truth, with the very source of life. This is nothing more than a notion. And it is within this notion that I suffer.

As I clear my microcosm, I see each thought of imperfection...and I explode it, like a soap bubble.  It has no more gravity or truth than I can assign it. These thoughts, in the light of truth, are exposed as lies.

In this light, I become everything and nothing.

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  1. Hi Dawn, Love you blog and pictures. I am grateful to have you as a friend on facebook. I resonated with what you have written and the sun certainly does shine on everyone in with its own unique essences.. One Love, Michael
  2. Tia
  3. Mary Pringle
    Dawn Dancing Otter, you are a poet. I am so happy that you exist. You have no idea what an inspiration, celebration, and perfection you are. I think the mind of God says we are perfect--all the sorrow in the world comes from seeing ourselves and others as less than God's perfect joy. I wish it could be otherwise. I wish I had three wishes . . . but could I be trusted with them? Could you?

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