Soul Alchemy: my recent response to ‘hate mail’

Soul Alchemy: my recent response to ‘hate mail’raven-revised

Everywhere I go, in every moment, the ongoing mantra in my mind is the 4 graces of Ho’oponopono – I am sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you.

What I have come to realize is that my life is transforming miraculously as a result. Whatever situation, whomever/whatever is in my field of observation, whatever thought or sensation which is in my present awareness, I am constantly reconciling, acknowledging, forgiving, and integrating.

The miracle, to me, is, that each moment I live is a lesson, a gift, an opportunity to love myself even more; to reconcile with the parts of myself that have been forgotten, disassociated, unloved….my shadows.

Recently, I received an email from a blessed man in Poughkeepsie NY. The gist of the email was this man’s need to communicate his fears, disillusionment, and anger over my Shamanic workshops, and that I ought to realize that whatever I am offering to the world is a lie, deceitful, and intentionally misleading; further, that I am a thief. He insisted that I become a skeptic of this way of life, as he is.

When I received this email, I took a deep breath in and let it wash over me. I felt the hot anger, I felt the ‘knives’ of pain touching all the places that responded to the words ‘thief’ ‘false’ ‘liar’ ‘deceiver’. I kept breathing into those places and let the pain build. I then recited the 4 graces until the sensation shifted.

Then I responded, telling this wonderful man that yes, I have been a thief in my life (I have at various times stolen/shoplifted when I was living in scarcity), and yes, I have lied in my life (too many times to count), yes, I can see many times in my past when I have intentionally deceived others,yes, in the past I have been false.

It didn’t (and doesn’t) matter to me that this man knew nothing of my work, my history, or of me personally. It didn’t matter to me that the contexts were entirely different. This beautiful human being was asking me to be present to the part of myself that I have kept hidden and in the shadows. I gratefully obliged.

I also realized that in his pain of having experienced deceit in his life, having experienced theft, that he was simply asking SOMEONE to take responsibility for it. Again, I obliged, with the intention that, as  human beings, we are all One. Why shouldn’t I take responsibility. I have no idea what I have done in this life or any other which may have supported or caused this injury in him. At that moment, it didn’t matter to me. I simply took responsibility, and with the 4 graces, I acknowledged the injury and asked forgiveness. I then let it go to the Universe.

The ecstasy that filled me was so overwhelming, I cried. I felt this huge release…this part of me that had been acknowledged, forgiven, and loved was definitely ready to be integrated, and it had provided me with so much learning.

When he wrote back, in an entirely unexpected outcome, he had softened considerably…though his opinion of my work had not changed -which is as it should be, it is not my intention to impress my Shamanic life choices upon him for validation/invalidation. It felt to me very much that we were able to connect together as human beings. This was such a joyful moment, because to invite us both into a human embrace to experience oneness was my  intention.

I am so grateful to this man. He was moved to show me this shadow of myself, and he took the time to do so. Wherever you are, G. C. from Poughkeepsie; thank you.

Big Love,


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  1. Dawn Dancing Otter, Again you amaze me! That is the best piece I have ever seen written on forgiveness and I have read a lot on forgiveness. I love how you offer up your own life stories, remain conversational and engage us as if we are on this journey together. I feel invited in. You have a gift for writing. Thank you! Namaste Jonina
  2. Very good article my dear. Trying to blog it but cannot seem to get the share thing to work.... will keep trying..
  3. Oh, this was such a beautiful story. How sweet surrendering is, and how liberating to let it all go and not to hold on to the pain.
  4. Wow. I just blogged about how on Sundays I like to focus on my personal and Spiritual growth. I'm so glad I'm a little late and thank you so much for being a part of my Sunday :D
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  11. Beaumont
    Here's an alternative way to respond to such low vibratory beings.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Here I sit, in the smallest room in my house, with your letter of criticism in front of me. Soon, it will be behind me. Have a nice day". The biggest threat people like us are to the man who wrote you that letter is that we 'force' them to face themselves by the simple fact our energy is vibrating faster then theirs. The biggest threat people like the man who wrote you that letter are to us is that for us to communicate with them in a language they understand we have to lower ourselves down to their low vibratory level and in doing so we fall back to where we used to be. Perhaps this man was ready to make a change and grow. But for most of those skeptic types the best advice I ever heard came from Raymon Grace - simply ignore them. Don't even waste a breath on them as they are often working with dark forces and love nothing more than to see people like us fall. If you have the compassion do the I love, please forgive me etc but to enter their energy space can be extremely dangerous for sensitive types - even sending responses like the one I put at the start of this email. We may all have come from the one source but we're not all on the same path.
  12. Namaste, Beaumont Thank you for posting on my blog. I appreciate you sharing your views. I wanted to engage the essence of what you have written here, and quoting a poignant sentence: 'If you have the compassion do the I love, please forgive me etc but to enter their energy space can be extremely dangerous for sensitive types' Well, for certain, I am a sensitive type. Ho'oponopono (I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You) is the practice I have learned to clarify my field so I am no longer in the 'charge' of feeling attacked. I created this experience as much as the man I was writing about had. I cannot wish to change him, my friend. This can never be my intent...for that is insanity. We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves. I choose to love, and I choose to feel my feelings - not try to rationalize, to make excuses, to demoralize others to feel superior. They are my feelings to feel - this man did not create them in me. I choose compassion because it is the only sane way to be. Otherwise I am fighting a war inside my mind. Making up stories about reality, rather than experiencing reality. That is my path. Big Love, dawn dancing otter
  13. denise bonesteel
    ..such a beautiful story, Dawn. Thank you for sharing it. I feel the same way about compassion; it is my guiding force.
  14. Very, very, very impressive, Dawn. Very difficult to explain, much less fully embrace. I applaud you, and I have learned from your experiences - I thank you. (and nicely done picking the pic for this particular blog) :) And very nice to meet another Otter... David Wilson, Edmonton and Calgary.
  15. Justine Trowbridge
    This is the first time I have been on this site and this piece is the first I have read here. Dawn, the way you responded to this man is so very peaceful, non-confrontational, and shows your complete love of humanity and understanding of the human condition. Most people would answer back with something similarly negative and nasty, trying to one up the gentleman. But by letting yourself experience your hurt feelings and negative emotions, and thereby feeling what the man was feeling for you, you were able to put yourself inside his emotions and thereby truly understand him. This is something we should all aspire to when confronting people in our daily lives. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. I'll be back for sure. Justine
  16. caro Ó Braonáin
    Wow Wow Wow Dawn! I came here to find information about something else and instead, you have answered my question inside of me. I have found myself tortured by my other selves for a few days now (well longer but another story lol) and as I sit in my bed with the flu, I have had much time to think by myself. Some I like, but a lot I do not....I have used the four graces time and time again for situations I was facing or about to face, but never for my selves and my shadows in this way..funny how these things only click when they are meant to click lol have been reading stories of love, of my worth, of my strength, of my power...and all the while I have been feeling powerless against the shadows that creep up and try suck my energy away....because I was not admitting that these situations are sides of me, my own various selves, looking for that I can ''see'' a little clearer, I will use the four graces and let you know how it goes--thank you xo blessings to you all
  17. Dave
    People: I have the very distinct pleasure of knowing ddo. Not only is she the "real deal", she is very loving, positive & uplifting. Excellent response, ddo, to one who clearly is not comfortable in his own skin - yet. Dave
  18. hi dancing otter.... I know what you mean... i had a man from Colorado four years ago, threaten to kill me and slit my through and pull my heart out, i was working on the slaughtering temples in Guatemala and Columbia at the time... he was so angry, by the fourth phone call after i called him back, i roared like a huge jaguar (my jaguar initiations) and belted my power in the phone and said you want to test me you come here and come get me... he never called again... two years later a man from spain punched me in the face, i leaned over and kissed him.... all this i was consciously aware of, of my roman soldier 2000 years ago that i was naturally going to get in between the worlds, and these men reflected who i used to be. but i was lucky, i knew my past life romans soldiers name, what he did, where he lived and the yeas he lived during my journeys over 8 years... this way i could chart my progress by the men who showed up which got worse and worse... i just kept doing the self healing work and path.

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