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NOVEMBER 3-18,2018

You are invited to join us on an extraordinary journey into the Peruvian Amazon to participate in a powerful Shamanic Immersion Experience. For thousands of years, the traditional Shamans and healers of the Amazon Rainforest have been working with some of the most remarkable plants, which have powerful medicinal and psycho-spiritual properties.

The Amazon Expedition offers a unique opportunity to experience these traditional plant medicines under the supervision of Dawn Dancing Otter, an Internationally recognized teacher of Shamanic Medicine, and authentic Shipibo Shamans and Plant Masters in a supportive Amazonian village setting, whilst fully participating in your own personal journey of healing, spiritual growth and transformation.


The Expedition departs from Iquitos, Peru, and from there we will embark on an 6 hour boat journey on the Amazon River to the village of San Jose, where we will be hosted by Casa Shipiba – a very special Shipibo family and their supporting pueblo village.

The Shipibo are an indigenous people living along the banks and tributaries of the Amazon River. The name refers to their language which dates back to the Inca Empire and the Shipibos are noted for their rich and complex cosmology, directly tied to their jungle lifestyle.

Our accommodation is in simple but comfortable private wooden huts and adjoining rooms, and all program activities will take place inside the Temple space, which becomes our second home for the duration of our stay. We will bathe in the Amazon River daily, where brightly coloured butterflies join us in the sunshine, and fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle, tucked safely inside a mosquito net.


Our program consists of 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies spread out across the 14 days within an integrated transformational program which includes Teachings from both Dawn Dancing Otter and Shipibo Shamans, Meditations, Kundalini Yoga, Origin Stories™Ecstatic Dance, and group activities aimed at integrating your personal process. Your experience is a fully collaborative process, bringing your own unique journey with the sacred medicines, while sharing in group immersive experience.

We will trek together with the Shaman and Plant Master to harvest the vines and leaves for our medicines and participate in their preparation. As well as the Ayahuasca, which is brewed together with Chacruna for our ceremonies, we will also be ingesting three other plant medicines daily to assist our bodily purification and support our physical systems. The following plants are the transforming teacher-healer plants of ancient Amazonia that we will be working with. They offer very special gifts of spiritual healing, cleansing, communion and knowledge.

Daily, we will be drinking teas prepared from three plants, sourced locally, for the wholisting healing of our bodies during the retreat. These are Saracura, Renequilla, and Uña de Gato. On ceremony days, we drink the Ayahuasca.


This plant is an amazing new discovery that was gifted to our Shipibo Plant Master, Juni, by the supreme plant intelligence of Ayahuasca. Juni was shown, in full clarity, the leaf of Saracura, exactly where to find it in the jungle and how it should be prepared to produce the desired effects.

The Saracura plant greatly assists in calming and recalibrating the nervous system, balancing emotions and healing the pain body, bringing a deep sense of tranquility and pure presence of being. The actual medicine of this plant is a thin layer of pink skin located between the outer and inner layers of bark. It is a most delicate process of extraction, so characteristic of the gentleness of this powerful plant spirit.


We are literally drinking the blood of this plant, which cleanses the organs and purifies the circulatory system. A robust blood tonic, Renequilla is also beneficial in healing the reproductive and genital systems, as it connects us with our vital life-force energy.

Through our blood, we are tied to our ancestors and Renequilla can therefore assist in clearing familial and ancestral patterning, gently releasing outdated programming which can cloud our authentic self-expression.


Uña de Gato, or Cat’s Claw, is a thorny vine renowned as a powerful immune system booster. Known as the ‘Miracle Herb from the Rainforest’, Uña de Gato is a universal plant healer which has drawn increasing interest amongst naturopaths and herbalists.

The inner bark and blood, or life force, of this vine has been used for generations by the Amazonians to treat colds, viral infections, arthritis, wounds, skin disorders and tumors, to name just a few, and it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and blood cleansing properties.

From a shamanic perspective, this plant can assist us to restore the inner sacred union of soul and physical body. There are different varieties of this plant and we will be working with Una de Gato ‘red’ to strengthen and purify our immune systems. Once prepared, we will drink this every day as a concentrated tea.


Prized by the Amazonians as the ‘Great Medicine of the Forest’ and traditionally used for healing, divination and spiritual awareness, Ayahuasca is a supreme plant intelligence that elicits profound transformation.

Growing like DNA, Ayahuasca has its own unique cosmology, its own language and its own way of healing and transforming that is beyond this world and definitely beyond the mind. This master teacher plant is a gift from the Earth to transform our human consciousness and guide us into our greater selves. A mother vine and supreme teacher plant, Ayahuasca continues to assist countless people to heal traumas, health conditions, mental and emotional instabilities, clear genetic lineages, solve perplexing situations, download cutting edge information and creativity, activate DNA and so much more.

Ayahuasca assists us in learning how to traverse into other dimensions of perception, how to navigate our inner worlds and how to work with other types of energies that are not easily accessed with everyday consciousness. From this expanded space, she teaches us to tune in to multi-dimensional states of perception through intention alone. She guide us into experiences of the heart, to reveal our deepest pain and our greatest healing in order to liberate the powerful soul within.

We will join in the ancestral ceremonial tradition of Ayahuasca as a healing and transformative medicine, guided by the Shipibo Ayahuasqueros and their sacred icaros. The classic Ayahuasca medicine of the Peruvian Amazon is made by combining the Ayahuasca vine and the leaves of Chacruna, producing a pure medicine to propel our transformations.


During our time in the jungle, we will be following a traditional shamanic dieta to support our work with the plant medicines, in particular the Ayahuasca. Meals will consist of freshly caught fish, yukka (a starchy root vegetable), rice, eggs, beans, salad and jungle fruits. Due to the demanding nature of our work, it is recommended for vegetarians to soften this stance during the program to ensure that you get adequate protein sources into your system. It is also essential to purify your diet for at least a couple of weeks prior to joining the expedition; eliminating caffeine, sugar, salt, red meat and all artificial additives. The cleaner your bodily systems are, the better you will be able to integrate the effects of the plant medicines and the fewer detoxification symptoms you will experience during the program itself.


The Amazon Expedition is an intense and sacred journey into new territory, and you will be leaving behind your regular routine and commitments to share in this extraordinary adventure with 19 other dedicated souls. Whilst there is plenty of time for solitary reflection, rest and personal process, the expedition is strongly held as a supportive group endeavor.

There are always close bonds formed between participants, as you individually and collectively go through deep experiences and profound shifts and realisations. This powerful group harmonic acts as a container to support you during your transformation, as we are all witness to each other in this sacred journey. All applicants will be interviewed and individually selected for their suitability to this Shamanic Immersion Experience.


Dawn Dancing Otter is an Internationally recognized Shamanic Teacher, Yogi, and Medicine Woman. She lives a life dedicated to the artistry, ceremony, and science of Shamanic Medicine, Ecstatic Dance, and Yoga. She has a deeply scientific intensive knowledge of the body, movement, and spiritual, mental and physical healing through the combination of formal studies and more than 20 years experience in self development, practice, and teaching Shamanic Medicine and Yoga. Dawn has also completed a 3 year Shamanic Apprenticeship in Amazonian Ethnobotanical Research and Ceremony.

Dawn is the founder of her own Internationally recognized  School of Shamanic Arts - The Alchemist Path (TM). Teachings are offered in Canada, The US and Europe. in a course series and Apprenticeship The Alchemist Path is professional training in Shamanic Medicine, apprenticeship in Shamanic Counseling, Earth Medicine, Transmutation, Trance State Healing, Ecstatic Movement/Dance and Shamanic applications of Yoga.

Dawn is the mother of 2 sons and lives in the splendor of British Columbia, Canada.


YOUR APPLICATION - please email Dancing Otter Shamanic Arts at for current application form and for information

Your investment for the Amazon Expedition:

Early bird- paid in full by June 1 2018: $3450 + GST (Canadian funds)


Or $1500 +GST CDN deposit (non refundable) due when application is approved to reserve space, and $2150+GST CDN due Sept 15, 2018

This fee includes the entire 14 days in the jungle; including boat transportation, food, accommodation, ceremonies and all program activities, as well as hotel in Iquitos on November 2. and November 18. All other costs, including flights and additional purchases and meals are not included.

Due to the remote location and the nature of working with plant medicines, participation in the Expedition is vetted via an application process.

Please download the Application Form and return it by email, and we will arrange an interview with you by phone or skype.


We are so excited to be sharing this unique opportunity with you, and are looking forward to receiving your application. We would also like to give special thanks to Children of the Sun Foundation, without whom this expedition would not be possible.

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  1. Mary prochilo
    Hello... Are those on antidepressant medication eligible for this experience? Mary
  2. Hello, Mary We consider most antidepressant meds as contraindicated within 4 weeks of the retreat.

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