08/05/09 A Fiery Peace

The Okanagan Valley, and much of British Columbia, Canada - where I live, is on fire. buffalo-herd-ynp

There are wildfires burning all around me, the sky is grey with smoke, and the smell of the air is of burnt wood.

When the fires started,  I  journeyed to water. my intention was to 'be the balance'  for the fires by becoming water. When I returned from journeying, I would sit in utter peace with water.I know there were many others around me also journeying to water, to rain.

And a few days later, it rained a bit. I felt such a relief, and yet - with the rain came thunder and lightning. And more fire.

I felt so much pain inside me, not because of failure, but because i feel so much connection to this land, to these trees...and the people that are here, evacuated, not sure whether their houses will be there when they return. I felt grief, powerlessness, and sadness. I feared the loss of the beauty here.

My beautiful friend, Corinne told me to sing to the fire, to sit with it. This is something I often do day to day, but hadn't really thought to do at that moment for that purpose. I journeyed to fire, becoming one with it. I let the fire that is all around me right now 'take' me.

And so much Peace washed over me Peace with anger, peace with my metabolism, peace with my inner tyrant.

Fire is loving me right now. I am choosing to let myself burn to shine. I am also journeying to water to connect to the balance, but not to fix, not to change, simply to become peace.

The 'rain' that fell in my soul was profound - the words - 'Beloved child, whatever we do, we do from Love. Ask yourself if Love is the Source of your actions'.

This represented the moment I stopped fighting fire.

I made peace with fire. I bless it unconditionally.

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  1. The fire we see out there is within us was a massive lesson I took from 9/11 and so many were not then ready to hear it. I am happy it's time is upon us. Thanks for tagging me. Much Love, Gobs of Laughter & Blessed IS, Jeremiah
  2. That’s So COOL…who knew ?
  3. I am so impressed I had to save it so I continously go back and read things I may have skimmed
  4. Choosing to burn to shine. What a wonderful metaphor for the bad times in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

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