12/31/2009 Witnessing Magic

I have been in Kananafull-moon-briarsskis Country, Alberta, Canada for the past few weeks.

In the center of the bounty of nature, it is easy…so easy to remember who I am. I walk in this crystallized wonderland – feeling warmhearted in the coldest cold. The coyote calls out to the moon…answered by his family…a chorus of barks and howls. The owls gossip in the boughs above my head,  I reach out with my heart sense to connect to the hibernating bears hidden from sight.

The Kananaskis river continues to flow – determined in the -25 degree cold, defying logic, the cold water cutting a curve in the thick snow along the banks. On this magical night, it has reflected back to me the infinite possibilities of my imagination. It sings to me: Yes, Dear One, Yes. As I play my drum, standing in the snow, I am filled with the sensation of the river that dances where even the cold cannot hold it.

The sky is indigo tonight – in the light of the full moon. This is a blue moon – confirmed by the sky. There is everything and nothing – the air so thin, it is in fact ethereal…I sense I am on the edge of reality…that the world I am breathing in is in the penultimate moment of becoming stardust.

I feel infused and transformed…and loved. So loved.

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