Facts about The Alchemist Path: Shamanic Training


In the same evolution of my artistic work, the trainings I facilitate are based on this path as I have authentically experienced it.

I acknowledge first and foremost, that Shamanic Medicine is the foundation to every healing and spiritual practice. As such, we all have experience with it already. What creates the context of Shamanic practice is INTENT.

I have structured these workshops from these intentions:

- setting intention, grounding, boundaries, holding sacred space, and alchemy

- cross-cultural  integrated presentation

- movement and physical components of each workshop

- focus on humanity and community building

- focus on group sharing and mutual education

- focus on integrating Shamanism into daily life

Because Shamanism is at the roots of all healing and spiritual practices, I acknowledge that you already have a foundation for this work in place. This series enhances your foundation, and thus will strengthen any practice you have in place in your life.

This workshop series intends to nurture those who want to contribute their focus, intention, and love to transforming ourselves and, through that process, the world. Upon completion of level 4, participants will have the basic skills to be able to hold space for Shamanic Transformation for others. This is just the beginning. The process is really about coming back to yourself, embracing life and personal responsibility. You have to be at home with the lights on in order to hold space for transformation.  This practice is an excellent addition to any other facilitation that you may currently be practicing, such as Bodywork/Massage, Psychology/Counseling, Social work, Reiki, Spiritual counseling, Allopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic , Homeopathy, Herbology, or Movement Transformation such as Dance or Yoga.

These intensives will be offered one time each through the year in Penticton, BC, and are also *hosted throughout the world. Please contact DOSA if you are interested in participating and we will update you as to when the next group of intensives will be held and any information you might need. You are not required to take all the levels the same year, but it is strongly recommended that you complete all levels before practicing Shamanic Medicine for the general public.

In addition to these workshops, there is a home-study post-grad format Apprenticeship which is offered to continue to nurture growth for practitioners. Awakening is the only first step to BEcoming.


*I am happy to travel anywhere to present these intensives. If you are interested in hosting an intensive in your area, please contact Dancing Otter Shamanic Arts at DOSA@dancingotter.ca 204