The Alchemist Path Shamanic Priestess Initiation

Welcome to the path that is calling you to step forward into your power as a Medicine Woman.

Join Dawn Dancing Otter, an internationally recognized Medicine Woman and principal teacher/founder of The Alchemist Path, in this opportunity to be of service to your community, to your sisters, your families, to your brothers, your partners, and to future generations.

An empowered woman is a powerful and influential force of nature. Given the nurturing, the proper guidance, and the most potent teachings, an empowered woman can change her destiny, and change the destiny of humankind.

These teachings are offered to Women only.

Through the teachings, we focus and explore:

Creating and Holding Sacred Space
Ceremony and Rites of Passage
Shamanic Journeying,
Ancestral and Spirit guide journeying
Akashic field journeying
Shamanic Healing facilitation
Community Leadership
Dream and Soul Purpose Divination
Supporting others through Grief, Dying and Death

Intro to Shamanic Priestess Leadership Training:
August 26/27,
Cor Unum Yurt, Victoria BC
$375 (plus $10 per night for camping if you would like to camp on site)

Shamanic Priestess Leadership Training:
Level 1:
Okanagan BC, Dates TBA
Victoria BC, Dates TBA

Level 2:
Okanagan BC, Dates TBA
Victoria BC, Dates TBA

Level 3:
Okanagan BC, Dates TBA
Victoria BC, Dates TBA

Contact Dancing Otter Shamanic Arts to register