Power Animals

janett-frogs-turtlesPower Animals

Please note: the animal descriptions that have been written on this site are a work in progress. I add a new animal or two every few days.

Within the unmanifest, prior to our emerging into this particular energetic field of reality, we choose many variables to help us to form our earthly learning experience. These variables include (among many more): family, ethnicity, heritage, country, astrological birth sign, body type/genetics, and Power Animal.

I experience Power Animal as a sixth sense, providing  tools of personality, intuition, health, boundaries, energy, and instincts. We all have a Power Animal, though most of us are unaware of it. We may also have spiritual relationships with other animals to help us understand and experience life.

Though there are many interpretations of what defines a power animal, I speak from my own experience and that of my clients. There is one particular animal that bears the same energetic frequency as your physical body. The power animal provides protection for these denser layers of energy in the body. Because the body structure responds to the frequency of this animal, the body takes on some of the characteristics, has the same instincts, needs, and desires as this power animal.

My power animal, as I have been so named, is the Otter. My body is healthiest when I am playing, unburdened, and engaged with others. When I began to journey with various drumming groups prior to my training/healing with Manfred Lukas, I felt very attracted to the Horse. This is because I was taught  from a young age, that work was valuable, and play was optional. It became important to my survival to abandon my needs to play in order to gain acceptance. I used horse energy to survive this period of my life. The Horse - beautiful, free, emotionally sensitive, but capable of becoming a beast of burden if required. This is a description of what I was taught to value out of my life, but not anywhere near what my body longed for. This way of being really ended up making me very ill, because it was not authentic to what my structure needed. Integrating Otter saved my physical body from the edge of mortality. I now experience radiant health and self acceptance. When I live true to the needs of and continue the relationship with Otter, I feel relaxed, joyful, healthy, and free.

We are most at ease with life when we live in harmony with our natures. Stress comes from ignoring our natural instincts and tendencies in favor of perceived external expectations. If we have an awareness of our individual nature, then we can start to make positive changes to bring about more balance, and therefore comfort and ease.

In order to reconcile with your Power Animal, it is necessary to intend to discover it authentically (so, even if you want to be something bold and beautiful like a cougar, your animal may be a noble and reclusive moose). I suggest to find a quiet place, listen to some monotonous drumming, and meditate with the intent to sense your power animal. You may get mental pictures, see colours, feel sensations, or just intuitively come to know your Power Animal during your meditation. If you are still unsure, you can see someone who knows how to journey for confirmation. It is important to pay attention to the animals that we encounter in reality as well. For example, if your animal is a raven, you may find ravens irresistibly drawn to the tree in your yard.

Animals are powerful teachers to us. We can easily observe that they are in balance with their environment and each other, that there is harmony, and life has purpose and ease. If we were to pay attention to the quiet chemistry of nature, we could learn how to live in peace with our human nature. We would embody the understanding that all life belongs to the same sacred essence of being, and we would regain our connection to the earth.

photo of artwork by Janette Damsma used with permission from the artist- check our her site gallery of shamanic art: http://www.yessy.com/janette_damsma/gallery.html