Heal Yourself, for Good

Shamanic Life Coaching

with Dawn Dancing Otter






Work one-on-one with Dawn, the founder of The Alchemist Path International Academy of Shamanic Arts, to not only confront the challenges to your goals, but to heal completely, stepping into empowered alignment with your Destiny.

In these sessions, we meet via Skype or telephone for counseling, goal setting, shamanic medicine, structuring new patterns, and the guidance you need to realize your potential.

SHAMANIC COACHING is an integration of Life Coaching and Shamanic Medicine that puts the focus on Personal Transformation through:

~IDENTIFYING and DEFINING your Soul Purpose and Passions

~HEALING PAST TRAUMAS that have resulted in self-limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour using Shamanic techniques including Soul Retrieval and Energy Extraction. Together we won't just identify and talk through these issues, we HEAL them to restore the flow of energy.

~CREATING SUCCESSFUL WHOLISTIC STRATEGY  to re-pattern your daily habits and behaviours to create true TRANSFORMATION

~EMBODYING EMPOWERED LIFESTYLE so that your entire life becomes a healing experience for yourself and others.

~CREATING A LEGACY THAT IS A MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION to your community and to the future generations.

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'You, my dear, are a spark! Thank you for being a powerful catalyst for change in my life. Your ability to see and tune into things on multiple levels all at once has created healing experiences with very powerful and lasting outcomes. I deeply admire and appreciate your vast wisdom, your playful creativity in the moment, your heart opening kindness, your bigger than life presence, your fierce protection and belief in my autonomy and the way you truly live what you teach. But mostly I am full of deep gratitude for your unwavering belief in my own power, my intuition and my own knowing. From that place true transformations can take place, and they have. Big Love DDO!'
~Lisa K, Alberta Canada