Shamanic Medicine – In-Person or Distance

Personal Journeys, Consultations, and Shamanic Medicine anywhere in the world.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY AND MEDICINE - I journey to retrieve your soul fragments, to view the body's needs for extraction/transmutation (chaotic incongruent energy that has been drawn into the body), to retrieve your Power Animal, and to ask about any needed healing information such as nutrition, relationship, symbolism, and karma. We meet via Skype both before and after the journey.

investment: $150 for distance work

SHAMANIC JOURNEY IN PERSON $175 in person (Penticton BC)

“Dawn Dancing Otter is an extraordinary and powerful healer, one of the best I have ever worked with in 35 years of ongoing personal development/discovery work. Dawn is the Goddess – I will never forget, and again I have tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my face now as I remember this, remember being in the heart of the Amazon undertaking a journey with Mother Ayahuasca and Dawn standing over me, arms wide, drawing in the Universal energy to wrap around me and protect me from the havoc that was playing out in the room around me.
And protect me she did… her ability to see you, to hold you, to gently reveal to you aspects and depths of yourself is beautiful, gentle, loving and transformative. I adore this woman and know she is a true and extraordinary Medicine Woman.. She is the luscious, gorgeous, empowering and powerful Goddess xxxx “ Karyn Lisignoli, Australia

All Sessions must be paid for when the appointment is confirmed. Paypal payment is accepted on the Catalog page (if paying via PayPal, there is an additional 4% fee added to the service to cover PayPal's user fees), Canadian money orders are also accepted, and the service will be arranged when it is received. All services are in Canadian funds