Dawn Dancing Otter began her journey on a shamanic path as a young child. Her early experiences of clairvoyance, dream work, empathic healing, and interconnection with nature and spirituality are her spiritual foundation.

Dawn studied Ecstatic Dance and healing movement with several teachers including Gabrielle Roth. She has a grounded and committed foundation of yoga practice since 1990 including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga, and is a certified teacher of these practices. She has a BFA in Dance, is certified in Remedial Massage, Myofascial, and Ayurvedic Massage.
In 1999, suffering from a life-threatening illness, Dawn experienced a complete healing through Shamanic Medicine with Manfred Lukas, who would eventually become her first Shamanic Teacher and Mentor.

Over the last 18 years, Dawn has had intensive mentorships in Ho’oponopono, Curendarism/Amazonian Plant Medicine, and Irish Ancestral Ceremony, Storytelling, Earth Medicine, and Spirituality. She continues to invest her time and energy into continuing education to expand her understanding of Shamanic practice and to bring this expansion to her teachings.
Dawn is the founder and principal teacher for The Alchemist Path™️ International Academy of Shamanic Arts and Leadership, with apprenticeships and programs offered in Canada, The US, Central and South America, Europe, and now in Australia.

Dawn lives in British Columbia Canada with her 2 sons.

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