"DDO is an inspiring teacher, a skilled healer and a wise woman.  Her work is heart centred, intentional and soulful." MH ~ Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

"I don't recall exactly what it was I expected to find within this work - but it wasn't that.  What I have found is a deep, compassionate, holistic methodology for the healing & wellness of self, others and our planet.  I'm sure I'm not the most dedicated student of shamanic work, but again and again the basic principles I've learned show up in my life as terrific assets, guides and skillsets.  I think it was about 20 words into our first workshop that I knew I could learn a lot from Dawn Dancing Otter.  Her humility, generosity and clear commitment to both her offerings and her students make her a rare mentor and I'm very grateful to know she's out in the world doing her work". ~ JG, Victoria BC, Canada

"DDO's yoga classes are what inspired me to pursue my own yoga and instructor's certification.  I found all the classes she facilitated, whether African Dance, drumming , Kundalini or Hatha Yoga or Pilates workout, left me totally satisfied yet eager to explore more.  I tell all my participants that DDO is simultaneously  the most grounded yet most ethereal instructor I have ever enjoyed from  any discipline.  I love her, Dawn for Mayor!!" TS, Peachland BC, Canada

“Dawn is a fabulous teacher who helps bring the mystery into a shared space of learning, growth and laughter. She is gentle and wise in her teachings with an honesty that speaks to the soul. You will be transformed under her masterful guidance with your heart opened and your spirit soaring. Follow the beat of Dawn Dancing Otter’s drum – surprise yourself with who you may become! Love ya DDO!" - BH, Penticton BC, Canada

"The work I did with Dawn aided in changing my reality, the course of my life. Gentle and caring, she helped trigger the opening of my heart. A great journey began. I grow and learn." -MH, Rossland BC, Canada

"Loved Loved Loved my Shamanic Training with Dawn.  It has changed who I am and brought out my inner child.  Such healing, and love the ability to help heal others"- BK, Penticton BC, Canada

"Many thanks for your wonderful workshops; your sincerity and dedication to your work is so evident. My journeying skills have improved and I so appreciated your passion for what you do including movement work." CC, Gardom Lake, BC, Canada

"I feel Dawn Dancing Otter has a great gift to facilitate healing within! My family and I have been blessed many a time with her gifts, and her presence!" LD, Kelowna BC, Canada

"Dawn Dancing Otter is always loving, jovial and is always right on in her shamanic work." -MPD, Kelowna BC, Canada "

"Dawn is a beautiful soul, my children and I have had wonderful results from our journeying & soul retrieval sessions with her." JJ, Summerland BC, Canada