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There are many ways I could describe myself and my path. Mother, Shamanic Practitioner, Dancer, Yogi, the heart of it all, I am an Artist.

The most important thing I can convey about myself is that I find my ordinary life magical, and that fills me with purpose and joy.

I have a deep reverence for all that is ordinary - trees, waterfalls, lakes, ocean tides, mountains, hummingbirds flying, bees buzzing, the tiniest sprout springing out of the soil after planting seeds, an eagle molting every single feather over a year and then regrowing each one, the natural singing that springs forward from my children when they think no one is watching. That is the purpose of who I am as an artist, to become observant and reverent of the ordinary, to love it utterly, to reveal the magic.

When our programmed fears about what might happen come crashing into that calm ordinariness, we start to forget how magical the world is already, just as it is. We go to war with ourselves, with others, in a heartbeat. So many of us choose to believe the worst, and tend to manifest the most mediocre existences, and then self-flagellate and hate the perceived sources for all the suffering.

From time to time, we allow ourselves to be impressed by Grace, that Force of Ordinary Life that unconditionally holds space for us in innocence.
I am here on this Earth at this time to facilitate the observation and reveal the truth that Grace is In Every Ordinary Reality. And of this, I am certain: every aspect of Ordinary Reality points us back towards Grace. When we awaken to that truth, we are awakened to the expanded reality....our expanded Universe that is visible here in the Quantum experience if we are quiet and patient and we love ourselves enough to share in it, rather than to claim ownership of it. Mother Earth will eventually receive back our amazing human bodies and recycle, our souls will also find other expressions to experience growth and learning. That which is a record of all experiences in this realm never forgets a single footprint.

Shamanic Medicine is not about giving us something we do not already have. It is not about changing our belief systems through implementing other alternative beliefs. It is not about shaming or denial, or pretending that all that is good is Easy.

It IS a service which is dedicated to helping you to follow the roots of your experiences back to the source of Self. It IS about remembering who We are. And that is the greatest, most courageous journey that any person can agree to take.

The Universe is ordinarily magic, and I live as a part of that great organism. My eyes, heart, mind, and body are open to it.

A brief list of my educational experiences in the past 25 years:

Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, and Pranayama: Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore India, and The College of Ayurveda, Kerala, India
Kundalini Yoga: KRI, Sat Dharam Kaur, Sat Kaur, Guru Rattana Kaur

Remedial Massage Therapy: West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Vancouver; Myofascial Integration - Paul St. John

Ecstatic Dance/movement: Gabrielle Roth, Continuum, Youssouf Koumbassa, Moustafa Bangoura, Abdoulaye Camara

Ho'oponopono: Ihaleakala Hew Len

Amazonian Plant Medicines: Raul Diego Nelson Falch

Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Shamanic Counseling, Animal and Earth Medicine: Manfred Lukas, Master Journeyman

Munday-Ki Rites - Sue Peters, Shaman, Animal Communicator, Teacher

Celtic Shamanic Practice: Cardeas Mor Shaoghal Nan Druidh, Wales UK

The Way of The Seabhean - Irish Shamanic Women teachings - Amantha Murphy, founder of the Ancient Irish Shamanic School in Kerry, Ireland

Doctorate of Divinity, University of Sedona