Shamanic Medicine and Ecstatic Movement

Otter Adventures – Bosnia and Serbia, Oct 2013 – Part 1 – “Hvala, Hvala, Hvala”

Part 1 – Hvala, hvala, hvala I stepped out into Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport from the long day of flying. Two faces behind a sign with my name on it were smiling back at me as I waved. Veronika and Donny were my escorts for the day’s drive to Ecofutura Nature Retreat Centre in the mountains above Sarajevo, Bosnia. We drove for a few hours to get there, I think we wandered out of our way... [Read more]

(Not)Choosing Sides…

You know that twinge inside, that little voice calling, as you look outside into new blossoms, sunshine, the possibility of songbirds singing and the breeze blowing to be felt and heard? I like to think of that as the wildness within, calling itself. And to think, our general idea of nature is that it is ‘outside’. But we are also natures creatures, Pachamama’s love children with... [Read more]

Everyone wants to do it online…

I have been asked, time and time again, to develop webinars for Shamanic Medicine. In fact, i have developed an Intro to Shamanic Medicine via webinar. I went as far as to pay for a subscription to a company that does webinar presentation to help with the logistics, because that was what i reasoned that people wanted…and then….well, the lights came on, and i stopped the whole process. Something... [Read more]

To Believe… or to Become

I had a beautiful conversation with a woman after yoga today. We had been sharing the ‘so what do you do for a living?’ conversation. She wanted to know why I ‘believe’ in Shamanism and the medicine when I cannot ‘prove’ it is useful. I answered to her, with a big smile on my face, that this lifepath is not something I had to teach myself or talk myself into believing.... [Read more]

Radical Responsibility

As part of my integrated Ho’oponopono practice, I have learned to shift inner dialogue from the critical view which compares my experience with the past and programming to a perspective of radical responsibility. In this practice, I ask myself these questions: What am I really feeling? What are my thoughts here…am I staying within or distracting myself from the true feeling? Are my thoughts... [Read more]